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In today’s competitive career scenario, Institutions select students for admission to various courses through online or offline entrance exams. These exams are designed specially to assess the knowledge and suitability of students specific to the courses they wish to persue. These exams also help institutions to choose the best candidates from a large pool of applicants, so they are indeed very competitive!

How prepared are you for such exams??

your gateway to discover your level of preparedness for facing competitive entrance exams

The Careerwise Discovery Zone has been designed to help you understand the format, difficulty levels, test themes, time allocation strategy and help you discover your current level of preparedness to face these exams. Based on your 'Top three interest areas' as detailed in the careerwise report you will now have access to mock entrance exams in these areas. This will help you decide on the level of assistance, guidance and practice that you will need to succeed in your career plan